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for intermediate playwriting

here is a monologue for my playwriting class. the assignment was to "write a poetic monologue for one of the characters in your play (only i don't have a play yet, so i just made a character up) where they use poetic speech to express themselves. in other words, your character should say very directly and in 'blown-out' expressive language exactly what they mean, think and feel."

so...did i do that? i'm not sure...well, i like how it turned out, anyway. suggestions, comments?

thanks for reading!

(It is the moment right after sunset, immediately after the last bit of the sun has slipped under the horizon. ANNA sits on the ground, watching the sky streak with red.)


Night comes every time. It rushes up on me like an assassin. No way to escape it. I try hiding from it by filling the space around me with light, artificial light from bulbs, but Night the Assassin sees straight through my disguise. He comes up right behind me and slashes, leaving streaks of red like blood soaking into bedsheets, dragging me down into nothing but heavy, overwhelming darkness. Night kills me every time. He is a skilled killer. He has been training for centuries.
Day is different. Day wraps warm protective arms around me, keeping at bay what Night invites in through the window. Day is a pill that makes me forget.
When the light is gone everything becomes shadow. It is in the shadows that the ghost of you lives. Only after the sun leaves do you dare to make your shape visible. (She gasps, looking off into the distance) I see your arm, I see the slope of your shoulder, the curve of your back! Yet Night wraps a hand around my mouth and will not let me scream�! He does not cover my eyes, and even in the dark I can see the black blood coating your entire shape. Night is a serum that makes me remember.
Oh, oh, let me go, let me scream! Nicholas! (screaming) Nicholas! You left me at night, right as the sun left the earth, why do you come back every night and stay bleeding in the shadows? Why will you not let me come to you? I am murdered every night by you. You murderer! You have taken the life of the only person I love. You sank to the floor, knife in hand in heart, you sank, I came in too late, too late! I was too late. The sun was set. Night never explains why it comes so quickly. You never explained your reason or need to do this to me. You sank down onto the floor, streaked red, darkening to black. I was the only one to rise again in the morning.
Nicholas! Nicholas of the shadows, why did I believe I could be your light? I believed I could fight off your assassins-all I became was a target myself. I know now those tar-colored demons that hung over your head at night. I look up now and can see into the black void that Day keeps hidden. Not even the sun has power over Night. And if the sun itself, giver of life, is powerless, how am I, mortal creature of the earth that I am, be expected to struggle out of Night's murderous grip?
You killed us both, Nicholas. We are both Night's victims. Only you are privileged to remain dark, forever lost beyond the horizon. I must rise again every morning.

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